Signature Backpack Program

By joining our program, you are providing a little extra comfort and a lot of extra support for newly adoptive families as they begin this exciting journey.

Available to adoption agencies, non-profit partners, judges and legal professionals, this invaluable opportunity allows you to connect with adoptive families early in the process. This initial support and partnership are vital to helping families understand that it is not a matter of IF they will need support, but WHEN they will need support, so they don’t reach a breaking point where the adoption fails.

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The Jockey Being Family Backpacks

Newly adopted children receive a FREE backpack personalized with their initials and filled with a cozy blanket and coveted Jockey Being Family® bear which may be the first personal belongings for many children.


“The backpack was such a special gift for our little girl – and for us. It was the first time we actually saw her new initials on anything. And there they were embroidered on this backpack. It was such an incredibly touching moment and one that we’ll never forget.”

Parent of Adopted Child, WI

“Jockey Being Family is a wonderful and generous program that I am personally proud to be associated with. The backpacks make the children’s’ special day all the more special. It’s also nice to include the parents and their siblings.  On top of that you make the process so seamless. Thank you I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Judge David M. Reddy, WI

“The parent totes not only provide our families with critical resources they may need now but it also gives us another touch-point with the family. It’s been a great way to reconnect with them and the parents are so thrilled and appreciative that we’re giving them gifts along with backpacks for their children.”

Jockey Being Family “BFF” Agency

The Jockey Being Family Parent Totes

Post-adoption services are critical to helping many adoptive families grow and thrive. That is why every adoptive parent receives a tote filled with invaluable resources offered by our partners, including: 


An interactive family card game, 52 Ways to Talk about Adoption


Beneath the Mask: Understanding Adopted Teens


W.I.S.E. UP!℠ Powerbook


Strengthening Your Forever Family – a guide to post adoption services


Information on additional online resources and support from field experts as well as other adoptive parents


Free access to: C.A.S.E.’s monthly “Strengthening Your Family” online webinars and Creating a Family’s Adopt Ed and Foster Ed online educational courses using a JBF code provided to each parent inside the tote

Sadly, statistics show that one out of every 10 adoptions fail, which sends the child back into our foster care system. We believe that “one failed adoption is one too many” and, with your help, we can ensure every child grows up with a loving family in a forever home.

1 out of every 10 adoptions fail*

*Failed adoption statistic: based on reports from individual studies throughout the U.S.,