Our JBF Backpacks

A little extra comfort to welcome these children into their new home can have a big impact

Since, 2005 Jockey Being Family® has been providing FREE backpacks personalized with the child’s initials on them to newly adopted families. Each backpack includes a comfy blanket and the coveted Jockey Being Family teddy bear which for many children are the first belongings of their very own. Most importantly, parents receive a JBF parent tote with valuable post adoption resources to help them navigate through their adoption journey.

Our backpack program offers adoption agencies, our non-profit partners, and now Judges and legal professionals an invaluable opportunity to talk to families and identify issues early on so they don’t reach a breaking point where the adoption fails. Statistics show that 1 in every 10 adoptions fail sending a child back into our foster care system. Jockey Being Family believes that ONE FAILED ADOPTION IS ONE TOO MANY!

What they are saying about JBF.

“The backpack was such a special gift for our little girl – and for us. It was the first time we actually saw her new initials on anything. And there they were embroidered on this backpack. It was such an incredibly touching moment and one that we’ll never forget.”

– Parent of Adopted Child, WI


“Jockey Being Family is a wonderful and generous program that I am personally proud to be associated with. The backpacks make the children’s’ special day all the more special. It’s also nice to include the parents and their siblings.  On top of that you make the process so seamless. Thank you I wouldn’t change a thing.

— Judge David M. Reddy, WI